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nude beach Greece

Nude beaches are not hard to come by throughout Europe, and some beaches have reputations that precede them. While some beaches are officially nudist beaches, others are just nudist friendly. These beaches are best for sunbathing and have plenty of entertainment for when you are off the sand as well. From Spain to France to Greece, here are three great nudist beaches on the continent.

Es Cavalett

Ibiza has been a long time favorite beach among those looking for a wild party on the beach lasting all day and night, but the Spanish island is also a nudist beach hotspot. Almost all of the beaches on the island are welcoming to nudists, except for those that are part of resort areas.

Es Cavallet beach is one of Ibiza’s more popular beaches, and it is an official nudist beach. Only a short drive from Ibiza’s main town and other popular beaches, Es Cavallet draws visitors from around the world. Es Cavallet is also known for its upbeat gay social scene and two exclusive restaurants. Despite its popularity, the white sands, clear waters, and other surrounding nature is well preserved.

Ibiza Beach

Plage de Tahiti

Nude beaches are easy to find in France as well, and in a country known for its Riviera, among other things, it is only natural that it has some of the most popular beaches in the world. The French Riviera is known for drawing hoards of celebrities looking to take advantage of its exclusivity, while others look to take advantage of its flawless scenery.

Plage de Tahiti, or Tahiti Beach, is located in the upscale resort town of St. Tropez in the French Riviera. Unlike Es Cavallet in Ibiza, Tahiti Beach is not officially a nudist beach, but nudity is quite common. There are restaurants and beach clubs nearby, teeming with high end customers. Popular since the 1970s, Plage de Tahiti and the rest of the St. Tropez beaches draw in celebrities every summer, making it an exclusive place to see and be seen.

Paradise Beach

The small Greek island of Mykonos, like Ibiza, is well known for its amazing summer beach parties and young crowds. Mykonos is one of the more popular Greek islands, and with good reason.

Paradise Beach on Mykonos is not only one of the best beaches in Europe, but also a great nudist beach to visit. Paradise is considered to be Mykonos’ most frequented beach, and is only a short distance from the island’s main town of Chora. Due to its popularity and party atmosphere, if you are looking for some calm time in the sun, be sure to make it to Paradise beach in the morning before people start flooding the sands and the music gets louder later in the afternoon. There is plenty to do here after spending a day at the beach, with bars, restaurants, and shops galore.