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Myrtos beach, located on the northern tip of one of Greece’s western islands is seated in between two mountains. The Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros nestle Myrtos protecting it from excessive wind and temperature shifts. The climate is hot in the summer and moderately humid, with few rainy days during the long summer season from early May to mid-September. Myrtos is known for the variation of its sea color, which shifts from green, to blue, and is turquoise in some places. The beach itself consists of pebbles, not sand, which isn’t unusual for a Mediterranean coast. You’ll just have to make sure and wear sandals or some swim shoes if you have sensitive feet. The color comes from the rocks underneath the exceptionally clear and still water. You’ll have a lovely time as many other have in Myrtos, which is ranked the best Greek beach year after year by a number of international publications and considered one of the top for the best family vacations.

You’ll want to set up your towel or beach chair close to the shoreline in Myrtos since the pebbles get noticeably smaller the closer to the water you are. Myrtos is a free beach though (for most sections) so to get an ideal spot you’ll just need to wake up as early as possible. Getting to the beach sometime around 8am is ideal, when people begin trickling to the beach during the high season.

Where To Stay In Myrtos

While it’s crowded in Myrtos at many times of the year, it’s never as crowded as it is in August. Thousands of people flock to the beaches and if you’ll be booking a vacation in Myrtos you’re strongly advised to go at any other month. Most people who come to Myrtos end up booking accommodations in nearby Divarata, a town that has a well established short bus route to and from Myrtos beach. The bus is inexpensive and there are several stops at the ends of the boardwalk. The buses run throughout the day an early evenings. If you have a late night you can catch one of the many taxis back to your hotel or hostel. The ride doesn’t take long and all of the taxis are metered (don’t take a cab without a working meter) and you can trust the prices more drivers will quote you. Many sites will say you need a car to access Myrtos and that’s not true. You can access the beach using public transportation.

myrtos pottery myrtos from above myrtos coast

Design Of Myrtos

Myrtos is a famous beach and that’s what it is mostly – a beach. There aren’t any resorts at Myrtos itself, all of the development is at the nearby local towns. The raw nature of Myrtos is what makes it so attractive to many travelers. There aren’t too many facilities on the beach itself with a few scant toilets around and some umbrella vendors. Pack well before you head to the beach as food and drinks are a bit of a walk. You’ll also save a good amount of money by bringing your own drinks. If you can, rent or bring your own umbrella too as there isn’t much protection from the sun and the might color of the pebble beach reflects strongly.

Good Views Of Myrtos

You’ll have to take note when you make your way down to Myrtos from the winding road that leads there of the scenic views from the mountains above. There are a few places you can stop and take some pictures from above and the mountains provide good photo opportunities of the beach below. Two of the best times of the day to take pictures of the beach is around sunrise and sunset, as the twilight colors of the sky help to accentuate and enhance the nature color of the water and beach below. During most of the daylight hours the strong sun will wash out many pictures. You’ll still get some decent shots but they’ll likely be lacking in any color and could be a bit disappointing when you go to view them on your computer screen later.