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Up until the past 10 years or so, many travelers didn’t consider the Croatian coast as a vacation destination. Partly due to a turbulent history during the 1990s tourism was slow to take off in Croatia, but the industry has since recovered, all to the benefit of travelers. Croatia’s coasts are much cheaper than sections of Europe’s Mediterranean coast, and you’ll save quite a bit by booking reservations to Brela rather than some of the other top beaches in Europe like St. Tropez or Algarve. Croatia is not a member of the European Union and if you’re carry dollars or Euro the exchange rate against the local Croatia kuna is favorable. Brela is located on the southern coast of Croatia, along the Adriatic sea, and home to little under 2,000 residents. The Split-Dalmatia County where Brela is located is well known for its beautiful and low priced (by European standard) beaches. The beaches around Brela are frequently rated some of the best in Europe and the world and by booking a trip there you won’t be disappointed.

Brela’s population grows rapidly during the European late summer months when most people and their families are headed for an extended break. This is the time of the year when Brela is full of families from German, Poland, Italy, and other parts of eastern Europe. Some of the best times of the year to visit the beach and still enjoy good weather are mid-May before schools let out for the year and September, by when most people have headed back home to their jobs.

Brela’s Beaches

The beaches of Brela consist mainly of pebbles, not fine sand. This is common for the Adriatic coast where most beaches aren’t sand-based unless made so by artificial means. The water around Brela is notoriously clear, an effect helped by the geography of the beach and filtration of the water by the mountains directly behind it. There are a series of inlets and coves along the coast that help to break up the crowds at the beach and also make it possible to find a little more privacy than you otherwise would be able to.

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There is an assortment of high-end hotels that line the beaches of Brela. Many of these hotels offer standard amenities such as swimming pools and room service but are priced closer to the hostel end. There are some a few good hostels in Brela but it probably won’t break even a conservative backpacker’s budget to get a hotel, especially if you split the costs with friends, family, or travel mates.

Weather in Brela

The weather in Brela is fairly moderate and during the summer months you won’t find many rainy days. The average temperature in Brela during the summer months of June, July, and August is around 30C (~87F). During the winter months you’ll find a colder climate which temperatures around 8C (~47F) and much more precipitation.

Things To Do In Brela

Brela’s beaches are great for lounging and tanning, but Brela also offers a good variety of sports, activities, and tours around the area. These are some of the best things to do in Brela.

Water Sports – There is jet skiing, para-sailing, and snorkeling available from he many vendors around Brela. We strongly recommend taking a snorkeling excursion while you’re in Brela, as the boat ride out to the snorkeling site is a relaxing one that offers spectacular views of the beach. The clear water and still ocean also makes it an ideal spot for people of all sorts of comfort levels to enjoy a swim.

Rock Climbing – The cliffs behind the beaches of Brela make for great rock climbing. There are tours and excursions out to the mountains and cliffs for all levels, although most are geared towards beginners and intermediate climbers. Aside from the exercise and experience, the view from the top is great. Bring a camera with to take some good beach and mountain photos.

Day Trip To Split – This city located about 50 kilometers from Brela is home to Roman ruins, palaces, and museums. You can reach Split by boat or car and it’s close enough to do in a single afternoon. You can also head from there to Dubrovnik, another exciting city with its own beautiful beaches that only 120 more kilometers further from Split.

Sail To Hvar – A direct boat ride from the beaches of Brela has two towns, but culturally and historically rich. For Mediterranean heritage and history dating thousands of years make your way to the largest city of Hvar. For wine tasting and samples head over to Jesla, the second largest town on the island.