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Taormina, on the very eastern edge of the Italian island Sicily, is an easily accessible beach that is incredibly popular with Italians. Visitors and tourists can reach the beach by using a series of suspended aerial tramways, that are used to carry thousands of visitors each year. In addition to the beautiful beaches of Taormina, there are plenty of historical and archeological sites to see in and about Taormina. The entire area is rich with nature and a short distance from Europe’s largest volcano Mount Etna. There is so much to do in Taormina, a place that encapsulates the Sicilian culture and cuisine, distinct from the Italian mainland. You can get to Taormina throughout the year but the beach is best enjoyed during the normal northern hemisphere summer months of June, July, and August. The coarse sandy beaches of Taormina are where you want to spend your days lounging away in the sun, after which you can get ready and head to town for a traditional Sicilian meal by the water. For those of you interested in the nightlife, Taormina is home to several very active bars and is a lively place to go out for drinks and music.

Things To Do In Taormina

Greek Ruins – One of the coolest things about Taormina is the old Greek theater very close to the beaches. Remarkably well preserved by time and more recently the Italian government, the theater is still in use to host concerts. Walking around the ruins is free and you can stroll around the theater and surrounding grounds where there are other artifacts and small plagues that describe the history behind the place.

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The Duomo Church – Built in the 13th century, the church is quite the tourist draw so you’ll have to arrive early to avoid standing in long lines. It’s easier of course to avoid the lines during the winter – and you don’t want to be stuck in a long line under the hot Mediterranean sun during the summer.

Palazzo Corvaja – A medieval Sicilian palace dating back to the 10th century, it was originally built by the Arabs who had conquered the island. Stop by this palace to see the blend of Arabic and European influence in the architecture, it’s quite a sight.

Visit Mount Etna – This extremely active volcano, the largest in Europe is a spectacular sight to gaze upon. Tours will take you to the area for good photo opportunities, which you can probably get on your own by wandering around. The tours do give you the benefit of information about the volcano as well as some less well-known places to get a look of the sleeping giant where legend has it Zeus lived.