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One of the most popular beaches in Europe, St. Tropez is one of the most famous Mediterranean destinations for travelers looking to live it up. The area is expensive and full of tourists and the commotion can be an attraction all in itself. St Tropez, located on France’s French Riviera is still one of the top beaches in Europe and there’s a reason why it draws so many visitors annually. Consider St. Tropez the central point in an area where you can find some beautiful beaches, resorts, casinos, and anything else you want to do. In the St. Tropez area most travelers are typically limited by budget as it’s a very expensive place to visit. The beaches are free for the most part however you’ll have to content with some of the crowds so show up early to get a good spot on the beach. By around mid-morning during the high season you’ll find it hard to get a nice spot as the tourists fill up many parts of the beach.

Popular Tourist Destinations In St. Tropez, France

While St. Tropez has some of the most beautiful blue and green Mediterranean waters you’ll find, there are plenty of arts, wineries, and other things to do while you’re in St. Tropez. Let’s start off with one of the popular things to do at the beach though, particularly in the area around St. Tropez.

st tropez shoreNude Beaches – The area around St. Tropez is famous for its nude beaches and many women do choose to go topless whether they are nude or not. If you really want to avoid tan lines you can visit the Plague del Pampelonne (a section of which is for naturists), Tahiti Beach, or Cap Tailla. There are many nudist beaches along these strips of sand but if you plan on going make sure you follow some basic etiquette. Some of the basic rules are don’t stare, gawk, or snap pictures. You yourself aren’t obligated to strip down so be comfortable with the amount you decide to take off or keep on.

Regatta Festivals – There are some popular and exciting regatta festivals that take place in St. Tropez and most of the larger competitions take place in the late winter and early spring months. The ARMEN festival also includes a number of other water sport competitions like water skiing as well. There is also the large IRC Mediterranean Championships a large competition between some of the world best yachts. If you want to see some of the most luxurious vessels on the water, the IRC Mediterranean Championships take place in April of each year. Keep in mind that St. Tropez gets even more crowded during these times and the prices for accommodation, food, and most everything else jump at bit from their already high places. Book early or stay as far outside of town as you can to get the best hotel or hostel deals.

Place Des Lice Market – Go shopping for some of the local produce, honey, and spices grown in the region around St. Tropez. There are a few other markets nearby and you can find a large selection of fresh food for good prices. Heading to one of the markets like Place Des Lice can help you stay on budget in the expensive area as it will allow you to cook, depending on where you’re staying. Eating fresh is also a healthy and low-calorie option, a good way to maintain your beach body, especially if you’ll be heading to one of the nude beaches like Cap Tailla.

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Le Rayol Gardens – At first thought it might be hard to imagine pulling yourself away from the beaches in St. Tropez, but just beyond the beach are some of the most beautiful parks and gardens to compliment one of the top beaches in Europe. Start with one of the largest, the Le Rayol Gardens which are free to visit and enjoy. The gardens are full of live flowers and plants collected from the entire Mediterranean region and grown in the warm southern French climate. You can also pay for a guide to help your exploration and to learn more about the plants, fauna, their history and a little more about how the Le Rayol Gardens are maintained.

Visit The Wineries – You can’t visit France without trying visiting some of the best wineries in the world. The St. Tropez region is full of them, some of our recommended wineries in near and around St. Tropez are the Chateau de Chausse, Les Maîtres Vignerons de la Presqu’ile de Saint-Tropez, and Château des Launes…just to name a few. You can get to many of these wineries through organized tours you’ll find advertised around town and you can book online in many cases. Several of the wineries, in addition to tastings, serve food, offer horseback riding, and let you tour the grape fields.

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