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The small town of Sopot, Poland might not be the first place you think of when it comes to the top beaches in Europe. Located in northern Poland on the Baltic Sea, Sopot is famous for its water sports. The population of the town is around 50,000 people which makes it a good and hidden beach destination within the European Union. Granted, Sopot is on the rise and well known within north Europe; an ever growing popular tourist destination during the summer months it hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet in terms of prices or the number of visitors. The Polish coast in general, including Sopot, is a cheaper destination than many of the other top beaches in Europe. Since Poland has not yet adopted the Euro, the prices are still considerably lower and look to stand that way for the near future.

Sopot is at a good crossroads of affordable and luxurious with a good variety for both and everyone in between. Currently the town is underdevelopment and taking advantage of the influx of tourist money by building a number of 4 and 5-star hotels in addition to the some of the hostels in the area. If you are looking for a place to stay on a budget the Zhong Hua Hotel and Siesta Hostel offer accommodations for budget travelers.

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The coast of Sopot extends about 5 kilometers and is well developed. One of the reasons Sopot is such an attractive beach destination for some many people is that it caters to such a wide variety of travelers. Families, independent backpackers, and older travelers can all find something to do at Sopot within their given budgets. When you’re traveling around northern Europe during the summer months, you might be longing for some of the other top beaches in Europe like Tuscany or St. Tropez on the Mediterranean Coast in locations better associated with warm weather. You can however divert your route for a bit enjoy some of the popular sites in and around Sopot, Poland.

Popular Tourist Destinations In Sopot, Poland

Walk The Wooden Pier – One of the longest in Europe, Sopot is known for its wooden pier that stretches almost the entire length of the beach (approximately 5 kilometers). There are shops, restaurants and recreation centers lined up and down the wooden pier which is also a good place to catch one of the boat tours. Keep in mind though that there is a small fee to walk onto the pier during the daylight hours but free at night. Don’t let the fee discourage you though, it’s nominal.

fountain in sopotTake A Boat Tour In Sopot – Along the wooden pier you’ll find many ships offering tours of the beach and out to the open ocean on most days. These tours are a great way to experience Sopot from the other side of the sand and great for family travel or those who simply love the sea. These tours are often well priced, especially if you walk a bit up the pier to compare prices. Some of the tours will also take you to nearby beach towns and act like local taxi ferrying people up and down the coast. You can get to the nearby cities of Gdynia and Gdansk and spend some time there too before catching the taxi back to Sopot. (There are also frequent buses and trains between Sopot, Gdynia, and Gdansk.) The water taxis are probably your cheapest option if you want to travel around by boat but you’re looking for a bit of adventure you can take to some jet skis too, which are available for rent.

Bohaterow Monte Cassino – This famous pedestrian street in Sopot is difficult to avoid and the area around where most people stay and hang out while they’re visiting the beaches in Sopot. It’s a great place to wander around and look for that perfect little cafe after a day spent tanning by the ocean. The Bohaterow Monte Cassino is quieter during the day when most people are by the water but becomes a lively place at night. One of the nice things about the Bohaterow Monte Cassino is that you can go with a family and enjoy a tranquil evening or go out and party hard at one of the bars on the main strip. Sopot really does offer a good variety for many types of traveler looking for different experiences.

Museum of Sopot – The museum traces the history of Sopot and features some of the art from famous painters who have come out of the town. (An unusually high amount of artists for that matter.) Entry to the museum is free and it might make a nice place to visit if you are caught by a rainy or randomly chilly day. The exterior of the museum is actually a mansion and makes for some great travel photos. Be sure to bring your digital camera along (we recommend the Casio Exilim for point-and-shoot) so you don’t miss a wonderful photo opportunity.

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