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Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece

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Located in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is arguably the most popular of Greece’s many islands. Along with its popularity among tourists comes higher prices than on other Greek islands and even more than on Greece’s main land. However its vibrant lifestyle and beautiful beaches make the visit well worth your while.

After you’ve searched for flights to Athens and booked the cheapest one you could find, getting to Mykonos will not be a problem. There are flights from Athens to Mykonos’ small airport on a daily basis, and the trip takes about 35 minutes. There are also daily ferry services from Piraeus, Athens’ ancient, main port. The ride from the ancient port can take anywhere from 3.5 to 5.5 hours, depending on their speed. Ferries or high speed boat rides from Rafina are also an option, but this port is further from the center of Athens. Rafina is closer to Athens International Airport, so it may be more convenient to catch a ferry here directly from the airport if you are not planning on staying in Athens. The ride to Mykonos will generally take about the same amount of time from Rafina that it would from Piraeus.

mykonos white buildingsMykonos is one of Greece’s smaller islands, with an area of only a few kilometers. This makes it easy to get around and see everything. Chora, the capital of Mykonos, is also its main port town, while Ano Mera is the island’s second largest community. Being a small island means that there are not many taxis, so public transport is your best bet to save time going from place to place. The island’s bus system will get you around Mykonos for an affordable price. There is also a boat service for those looking for an alternative way of getting to some of the beaches on the island.

Paradise Beach is the most popular beach in Mykonos, and is a short 6 kilometer bus ride from Chora, or a short ride using the ferry service, on the south side of the island. The area offers a campsite nearby for those looking for an alternate to hotel accommodations, restaurants, bars, shops, and clubs. Paradise Beach has become renowned for its party atmosphere, and music is constantly playing on the beach. Paradise is also known as being a nude beach, but nudity here has become less common due to its growing popularity.

There are many reasons Paradise Beach has its name, and its crystal clear waters and sandy coastline are only a few of them. If you’re looking for a quieter time sunbathing, be sure to go to Paradise Beach early, because later in the afternoon is when things start to get loud and beach goers begin to party. There are bars and restaurants close by, with Tropicana Beach Bar being one of the more popular destinations (it was even featured on the Travel Channel list of “21 Sexiest Beach Bars).

Paradise Beach is perfect place to let loose, unwind, and party all day and night.

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