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Ibiza has been a long time favorite for young beach goers looking to party in the sun. A small island located off the coast of Spain, Ibiza is known for its never ending beach parties and laid back atmosphere. Beach clubs on the island used to be exclusive to the “it” crowd, but now there are plenty for everyone to enjoy. It’s with good reason that you can find some of the top beach clubs there, and we’re here to tell you about them.

Blue Marlin Ibiza

Located in Cala Jondal, the Blue Marlin beach club in Ibiza is definitely a hot spot. Blue Marlin has a massive terrace overlooking the Mediterranean’s blue waters. Comfort and luxury are the main ideas here, with luxurious beds overflowing with pillows, staff to wait on you hand and foot, and a great restaurant. Whether you’re looking for seclusion or to be the life of the party, the Blue Marlin beach club has got it going on. This club is frequented by some of the world’s A-list celebrities, so keep your eyes peeled while you’re relaxing on the beach.

Sands Ibiza

Sands Ibiza beach club is located on the east side of Ibiza, on Playa den Bossa. The food options here are impeccable, from old classics to Mediterranean-Asian fusion specialties. Sands Ibiza is one of the more popular places in demand on Ibiza, so come early and make reservations to ensure you’ll get your spot at this exclusive club.

Sirocco Restaurant and Lounge

Also located on Playa den Bossa near Sands Ibiza, Sirocco will remind you of a sleek, exclusive beach club in Miami. A relatively new hangout, Sirocco is gradually moving up to match its high end neighbors on the beach. A more laid back lounge, this Ibiza hot spot still brings life to the party that is Ibiza.

Don’t expect to get much sleep during your stay in Ibiza. It has a reputation as the party island for a reason, so you might as well just go with the Mediterranean flow. We’ve listed some of the beach clubs that come with high praise, but there are plenty more scattered around Ibiza to check out!

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