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Located on the Spanish island Ibiza, Cala d’en Serra beach is on a secluded part of the island which is better known for partying. It’s true that Ibiza has dance clubs that are open 24 hours a day, where many partiers go, stag and hen parties take place, and is active with full of young backpackers. Don’t let that deter you from Cala d’en Serra, hidden in the north part of the island, far from the parties, noise, and bars. Plus you can find good Ibiza holiday deals to the island. Few tourists ever head to Cala d’en Serra, but aside from it’s beautiful beach behind the rocky cliffs, there isn’t much there outside of a nice oceanfront bar.

To get to Cala d’en Serra you’ll need to rent a car, or scooter and make your way down a bumpy little road. As you drive you’ll likely be thinking what you’re doing and whether it’s worth getting so far off the beaten path – that is until you stumble upon the Cala d’en Serra beach from above. Once you’re there finding accommodations nearby will be easy, whether you’ve got a plan or not. Most places can be booked in the town on the spot as there aren’t too many tourists flocking to the sands of northern Ibiza. You’ll catch more of a local feel in Cala d’en Serra, something that can be hard to do at a place that feels taken over by so many vacationers.

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Things To Do In Cala d’en Serra

The best part about Cala d’en Serra is that you really get the feel the beach is all to yourself. The water is very clear, making it a great place for snorkeling, whether you’re a beginner or would like to hop one of the boats out a bit from the coast to observe the marine life. Much like St. Tropez, except much more secluded, you can sunbathe topless with less people around. Cala d’en Serra is where you can get to meet and know the Ibiza locals, many who flock to the sandy beaches of Cala d’en Serra over the more popular and accessible beaches on other parts of the island.

The geography of the beach also helps to keep the water temperatures fairly warm than the surrounding areas. The climate in the region is temperate and downright hot in the summer but the water temperatures will help cool you off during the day and warm you up in the evening. Occasionally last minute beach parties are planned and lots of fun as everyone it seems staying near or around Cala d’en Serra pops by to enjoy the nightlife.

Cost and Prices Around Cala d’en Serra – Prices at Cala d’en Serra are very reasonable and you’re likely to get “local” prices most everywhere you stay, eat, and drink. Access to the beach is fairly restricted to motorized traffic and parking isn’t allowed which helps keep Cala d’en Serra isolated. If you are headed out to the northern part of Ibiza, see if you can hitch a ride with anyone headed that way, or rent a car or bus together to lower your overall costs. A scooter is also an attractive alternative as they can be parked and are easier to maneuver around the narrow and steep roads leading to the beach.

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